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Not all therapy providers are the same

Not all stroke survivors are the same and not all rehab providers and facilities are the same.  It's important for you, the consumer, to have an idea what your greatest limitations from stroke are, what therapies might help the most, and where to find providers skilled and who have the tools to help you most.  We've asked local therapy providers to tell us about their services and any special skills and technologies they have and use especially for stroke rehab.  You decide what place and providers can best meet your needs.

Daniel Drake Hospital and Outpatient Rehabilitation

Drake offers Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Aqua Therapies

The website is:

The Christ Hospital: Outpatient Therapy; The Joint and Spine Center, 2139 Auburn Ave. 1st Floor

The outpatient therapy department has an occupational, physical and speech therapist, all with certifications and years of experience treating individuals who have had strokes and other brain injuries.  Stroke-specific interventions include:  Bioness L300 and H200 (and other forms of electrical stimulation); Saebo upper extremity motor training devices; Kinesiotaping; body-weight supported gait training;  mirror therapy and other neuromuscular reeduction techniques;  speech therapy for aphasia, oral apraxia, dysarthria;  Dynavision and clinical pre-driving activities; Aquatic therapy; functional strength, coordination, and balance training.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS, CALL 513-557-4969 To refer a patient, call 513-585-0545 x1 FAX: 513-557-4972

Gateway Rehabilitation: 5940 Merchants Street, Florence , KY

Jennifer Jones, M.A., CCC-SLP, Director of Therapy Services 859-426-2380

Gateway Rehab has therapists who are Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialists (CSRS) and Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS).  They have therapists certified in Vital Stim, a treatment for facilitating better swallow after a stroke.  They also have therapists certified in vestibular rehabilitation, Kinesiotaping, and DPAMS (deep physical agent modalities such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation, among others).  

Gateway has the Biodex NxStep, allowing them to work on gait training and balance with the safety of body weight support (as needed).  A warm- water pool is available for outpatient therapy.  Gateway offers a stroke/brain injury support group the first Thursday of the month at 10:30 and they host the BRIDGES support group the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm.