Stroke Research Opportunities



Rehabilitation research is necessary to determine the most effective ways to facilitate the best recovery results.  Locally, the University of Cincinnati has several researchers who focus primarily on improving stroke outcomes.  There are also researchers who work with caregivers to improve their outcomes through the post-stroke process. One of the direct benefits of many of the research studies is that they may provide treatment after insurance benefits have ended.  Contact information to the various labs and study coordinators is provided below.  Due to the rules of recruitment ethics, specific study information is not included here.  You are encouraged to contact these researchers to see if there is an appropriate study for you.

Studies Website

 The government maintains the site.  Check it often to see if you can either participate or benefit from any of the trials being done. 

Neurorecovery Lab

Contact Drs. Pierce Boyne and Oluwole Awosika at the University of Cincinnati.  

A variety of studies related to stroke recovery take place in this lab.    

Phone (513) 558-0550

See flyer in "DOWNLOADS"

Healthy Goals

Contact Valerie Hill

Phone 513-558-5018

NEW for 2020:  the criteria to qualify has changed.

See flyer in "DOWNLOADS"

Caregiver Task IIII

Contact Tamilyn Bakas 

Phone 513-558-2254

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NAIL (Aphasia)

Contact Aimee Dietz

Phone 513-558-8544

See flyer in "DOWNLOADS"

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Caregiver III Flyer May 2019 (pdf)


Healthy GOALS Flyer May 2019 (docx)


NAIL Flyer 052319 (pdf)


Neurorecovery Lab Studies Flyer Sept 2019 (pdf)