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May We Help Adaptive Equipment Swap

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2020 12:00-4:00

May We Help  7501 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati OH 45227

Available equipment includes wheelchairs, walkers,gait trainers, lifts, therapeutic bikes, and more!  They are accepting donations, but there is no requirement to donate in order to take part.

Make an equipment inquiry by visiting www.maywehelp.org




9:15 AM UC Health 1K Steps for Stroke


Karen Craven wants to invite you to join our team for the Steps For Stroke (1K) walk  and the Heart Mini (5K) on March 22nd in Downtown Cincinnati.  If you have not  participated in this event, it is huge and a lot of fun.  Additionally, our team  will be walking in honor and memory of our friend, Terri Kersey.  Here  are the details:

For Stroke Survivors and their supporters, there is a 1K walk (about  3/4 mile) at 9:15.  Stroke Survivors of all levels of ability are encouraged to  join this.   After all the speedster  runners take off, walkers can follow along and turn around at any point to come  back. 

If you register by February 24th, you will get a tshirt in your  registration pack that has UC Health on the back-- and your packet will be  delivered to Drake for your pickup during business hours at Bridgeway Pointe  (next to Drake).  IF YOU DO NOT WANT your packet to go to Drake, you will need  to wait to register until Feb 25, get a generic shirt, and pick up your packet  on March 21 at the Expo at Duke Energy Center.

Anyone can join our team and choose whatever event they want to  complete (there is a 5k, and other races too).  Heart disease and stroke survivors should check off the box on the  registration that identifies you as such so you can get a red hat and a VIP  ticket to the AHA breakfast.  

If you register for the Support Group  team (our Team) under the Drake teams, you will be on the  list to attend the UC Health AfterParty at the Back Stage Event Center on Walnut  St.

Here is the link to our team.  Information regarding best parking  options, times of events, etc is on the website.  



In 2019, we rode in memory of Terri Kersey in Fountain Square.   There was also an opportunity for Stroke Survivors to tell their story.  Start your planning!