Local Resources

Leisure/ Exercise


Explore the various resources other stroke survivors have recommended for adding some leisure and fun back into your life!  Click on picture for more info.

Activities of Daily Living and Home Safety


Major home renovations may be necessary, but often times low-tech solutions can enable the stroke survivor to function more independently and safely in the home.

If the home is not an option, there are Assisted Living options.  Click on the photo for more info.



Transportation is a huge issue after stroke for many survivors and their families.  Explore options for getting around more independently and safely.

Click on the picture for more info.

Home therapy ideas


Here are some suggestions from other stroke survivors and caregivers for keeping you motivated and improving.  Click on the picture for more info.

Durable Medical Equipment


There are many different resources for Durable Medical Equipment (DME).  Click on the picture for more info.

Local Assistance


One Stroke Forward

Founded by local stroke survivor, Kelly Marsh, and her husband and caregiver, Brad, this organization awards grants to assist younger stroke survivors with rehab expenses not otherwise covered by insurance.  To learn more and apply for a grant, go to:      http://onestrokeforward.org/

May We Help

May We Help is made up of volunteer professionals who design and create unique custom solutions for individuals with special needs to engage in and pursue their passions. If a product is not already commercially available, they will work to design and produce a solution.


Comeback Connection Grant

Local Stroke Survivor Andrea Canterbury's organization.  Grants given up to $500.

 To learn more and apply for a grant, go to:  http://comebackconnection.com/grants

National Resources


American Heart Association/ Stroke Association

The AHA/ASA has a magazine and website called Stroke Connection.  It is full of relevant articles and tips.  Check it out at http://strokeconnection.strokeassociation.org/Winter-2019

National Stroke Association

There are many great interesting articles and ideas for living a fuller life after stroke and  preventing a second stroke.  Now a part of the AHA.  



Caring.com exists to help family caregivers like you make better decisions, save time and money and feel less alone.

In 2007, a few friends who were each caring for an aging parent  noticed a lack of information online to help them navigate the  complexities of caregiving. Not finding the one-stop online resource  they needed, they decided to create it themselves. The result was  Caring.com.
Today, our company is filled with  people working to make a  difference for others. Here are a few members of the team and what  caregiving means to them.
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